Session 46 – Low Born Orcs

Point of View (Horus Calmuck)


After the rather difficult combat at the bridge we continued into the territories of the Nation of Hram’da and eventually came across a patrol of knights making their rounds. The captain of the group seemed a reasonable sort although his sergeant was typical of the soldiers that I knew when I lived in the Five Nations. By that I mean arrogant, condescending, rude, and generally unpleasant.

I was more than a little flabbergasted by the presence of a low-born orc in the patrol. I managed to pigeon-hole the young warrior while Josephus debated with the sergeant about the role Scar Blackrose is to play in the regime of Far’da.

The young fellow seemed eager to prove his worth as a low-born orc and said that the influence of Tanelorn has allowed a greater interaction between the classes in the Five Nations. I’m skeptical of the possibility that the high-born caste will ever allow their ranks to be sullied by such as me but perhaps times are about to change.

Josephus’s debate with the sergeant seemed to center on the fact that Scar forsook his oath to the Five Nations to become a Gray Knight and that when he came back to the Blackrose Tribe it was a sign of weakness. The warriors of Hram’da do not seem like they will tolerate him as the First General if the Council is called and the Nations vote to unite.

Not long after we bid farewell to the soldiers a young orc boy ran up and informed us that his village was under attack from demonic creatures summoned by a Gnoll shaman. We loaned him a horse to catch up to the soldiers and then road into town to try and ameliorate the situation.

Upon arrival it was as terrible as the boy foretold and we immediately attacked the demonic beasts. The creatures were fearsome foes but thanks to some spellcraft from Josephus and Misrael that enhanced my attacks we managed to defeat them after a short conflagration.

The grateful town folk gave a beautiful ring that seemed destined for Azraim.

They then told us where the shaman went to summon the demons and after a cursory investigation we determined the ancient stone circle was not exceptional in any way. If the shamans of Grelm are capable of summoning such ferocious creatures from an innocuous circle then our fears of the severity of the coming invasion are not overblown.

The town’s people also led us triumphantly into the capital of Hram’da and we gained an audience with the warlord of the nation, Percival Grayjay.

Rambledon and Misrael led the conversation in the attempt to convince Percival to call a Council of the Five Nations. The warlord explained that whoever called the meeting risked much because if the vote failed in the end it brought great shame.

After much debate I’m fairly certain we convinced Percival to vote in the affirmative if a council meets but he seems unlikely to risk instigating the summons.

We decided this was the best possible outcome for the moment and hoped that one of the other leaders might be more amenable to summoning the council. We then decided to pursue this course of action to the south in Lelda’ga.


The road to Lelda’ga was as pleasant as I remember and our only stop of note involved a small farm family. I was again pleased to see that it was low-born orcs who operated the farm and seemed to be independent of high-born control. Perhaps change is on the horizon for the Five Nations.

The couple suggested we visit a high-born orc woman who is socially connected with the powers of Lelda’ga before we attempt to meet with the warlord, Bradius Fightingjay.

We took this advice to heart and found the old woman’s home readily enough although she seemed coy about her ability to help us in our quest. She bantered with word games and made a few sly reference to the fact that I was low-born but just when things seem to fall completely apart a group of assassins struck.

My blade, so unerring in the battle against the demons, turned against me in this fight and I’m rather afraid confirmed the old woman’s theories about low-born orcs. Still, thanks to some excellent work from Rambledon and Rhia we managed to kill all of the assassins before they could accomplish their mission.

Afterwards the elderly matriarch was grateful enough to introduce us to her grandniece, the wife of Bradius Fightingjay. The young woman promised to put in a good word with her husband. While this was decided a quick interrogation of the wounded assassins informed us that additional killers were camped up in the hills not more than an hour away.

I find it peculiar that the assassination attempt occurred just as we spoke with the old woman and I strongly suspect that the Gnolls, Rock Beasts, and Lizard Folk might be aware of our mission and out to sabotage it. We must be wary of everyone we meet, as it is possible they are spies for our enemies. It is a most delicate situation we face in trying to get the council called in time to prevent the fall of Tanelorn.


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