Session 47 – Pilgrims

Point of View (Josephus Sunspite)

Camp of Assassins

Our interrogation of the Orc assassins at the home of the elderly Enaka Wallabird revealed that more of the foul demon worshippers were camped in the hills outside of town. With the blessing of Davim at our back we headed to the region to take vengeance upon the cowardly killers.

Rhia and Rambledon moved ahead and scouted out the situation before we headed in to attack the murderous scum. By the grace of Davim we approached them undetected and launched an assault. They proved to be a mixed group of Gnolls and Orcs who put up stiff resistance to our attack. Rhia went in one direction, Rambledon used sniper attacks from a bush, while Misrael’s Spirit Fox took on the bulk of our foes and occupied their attention.

The creatures were typically unorganized heathens and after a sharp fight we managed to put them all down. Upon questioning them we discovered the assassination attempt intentionally coincided with our visit, which means that our enemies know why we are in the Five Nations.

Second Vote

When we returned to Lelda’ga after the journey into the hills we met the leader of the Orcs with the goal to convince him of the need to call the council or at least vote for the One Nation in the event someone else summons the meeting.

It took a bit of convincing and Rhia promised Bradius that we would speak with the Blackrose clan about his appointment as First General should the One Nation come into existence. Although the leader saw the Light of Davim to some degree and agreed to vote for the united nation he seemed not willing to call forth the general council. That means we have two votes in favor but no one as yet who has agreed to summon the council.


After this success I said a prayer to Davim and the group decided to journey south to the Orc Nation of Oggos’da in the attempt to get another tribe to agree to our plan.

At a crossroads we ran into a mixed group of demi-humans led by a religious goblin named Yorgo who devoted his life to the ancient god Donblas the Justice Maker. A halfling girl, an Ogre, a goblin girl, and a strange mixed breed girl traveled with him, all apparently devoted to his cause.

His misguided beliefs, in a nutshell, seem to be that Donblas the Justice Maker was an ancient god at the time of the Old Empire worshipped by the Emperor. The return of the Girl in Glass is a sign that the Old Empire will return with the Emperor at its head. Yorgo seemed fanatical in his belief of the return of the Justice Maker and convinced that anyone who didn’t worship Donblas was doomed to a terrible fate when the Great Justice swept over the world.

That night we camped with the little group and a band of swamp creatures from Drak’val that included a Green Dragon attacked. The great beast swept over us with his noxious breath but after a long battle and with the blessing of Davim we manage to overcome them. This was further evidence of the dire nature of the alliance of Drak’val, Grelm, and the Rock Lord. Time runs short and we must make haste to convince the Five Nations to unite or Tanelorn will follow to her enemies.

Sadly, when the battle ended we found that most of the pilgrims with the exception of the goblin girl and the mixed race woman were dead. The fanaticism Yorgo displayed worries me greatly as were there is one of his ilk surely many more will follow.


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