Fanatical Farmers

Point of View (Misrael al Halladun)

Off to See the Orcs

Our trip south through the Orc lands was fun although Josephus seems real worried about those pilgrims of Donblas. I guess because he’s religious he thinks they might try and force everyone to take up their beliefs. They did seem a little brainwashed but that one girl was really cute!

We next headed to see the Orcs of Oggos’da and they are supposed to pretty friendly with Tanelorn so we all hoped maybe we could convince them to call the council. We got to within site of the main town when a bunch of farmers with pitchforks and sickles came at us from the east screaming about Donblas and Justice!

They were really tough fighters but luckily old Foxy was up the challenge and defeated them almost single handedly with just a little help from Rhia, Horus, and the rest of the gang!

After we took care of the farmers, which sent Josephus into a little bit of a fit, we continued south to town. The Priest of Davim has really got it in for those Donblas worshipers.

Once in town it wasn’t too hard to get to see the leader of the Oggos’da orcs. He was a big fellow named Avarus Pinyonjay and we managed to talk him into not only voting yes in the council but actually summoning it! We mainly applied to his ego. He and the orcs of Lelda’ga seem to have a big rivalry and we when we said they were afraid to call the council that seemed to turn the tide. Hooray! It looks like all we have to do now is convince the farmers of Delm’ga and then wrap things up with the leaders of Far’da. It should be a cakewalk!


What with the farmers of Delm’ga having this new religion we decided to avoid the farms and head straight to the decision making capital where hopefully people are not so silly. We got about halfway there without running into anyone but then came across a group of the Donblas worshippers while they tried to strong arm some farmers. Well, we couldn’t let that go so into the fray we leapt! Wahoo!

This group of worshipers had a strange metal construct that fought with them and was really dangerous but we managed to defeat them after a sharp fight. Josephus tended to the survivors wounds and questioned them when they recovered.

The worshippers were really fanatical and crazy talking claiming that we were supporters of Jon Gray and he wanted to kill the Girl in Glass to prevent the rise of the Old Empire. I don’t know about all that but they sure seemed convinced.

The farmer turned out to be a member of the high born caste of orcs here in Delm’ga and his cousin is some Prophet who leads this spiritual revolution. Apparently he and his cousin don’t get along too well. We talked with him, his son, a couple of people that work for him, and his wife. They invited us in for dinner and it was quite yummy. The farmers certainly provide a bounty of food!

Urak suggested that the only way to get into to see the chieftain and talk reason with him was to distract the prophet away from the capital. Urak sent his son Marus to take us a to a cave complex where the cousin first had his revelation about Donblas. Urak seemed to think this might be the source of his power in some way.

The Prophet

We spent the night with Urak and his family and headed out the next morning to look for this cave. It took us a couple of days to get there but we didn’t have any adventures on the way. When we got to the cave we found it guarded by more farmer soldiers and three of those construct things.

It was a really tough battle and Rhia was sent down twice but Josephus managed to heal her back up again without trouble. Rambledon sniped away from a distance while hiding in the bushes and eventually we killed them all.

Now we have to head into the cave to see exactly what this Prophet person is doing. Josephus looks nervous but that’s okay. Once we finish off with these farmers and then Far’da we can head back to Tanelorn where I hope Ashmia is waiting for me!


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