Council Called

Point of View (Rhia Buffalorider)

Avatar of Justice

After our rousing fight outside the cave Horus and I charged inside and met a group of orc farmers and a strangely beautiful man who proved a terrible foe in combat although smiled and spoke gently throughout.

At one point during the battle he gazed at me and I was suddenly flooded with images of every mistake I’ve made in life. I remembered leaving my family back in Elekargul, the mischief I inflicted on my sister, my disrespect to my parents, the terrible cold-blooded murder of Hestwing, and much more. If this is the Justice that Donblas offers the world then I … I … well, the world is in for a great deal of pain.

After we finally finished off the strange avatar we searched the back cave and young Misrael and Josephus used their magical wiles to determine the thing was yet another Gnoll fraud perpetrated on the foolish orcs in the hopes of gaining their friendship. With this information we can hopefully convince the leaders of Delm’ga to abandon the words of the prophet and come to the aid of Tanelorn.

The Farmers Convinced

With our new evidence we managed to make it to the capital of Delm’ga without further incident although Josephus noted that most of the standard temples were closed and people seemed strongly allied with Donblas. Even with this we managed to get into the chieftain’s chamber and convince the old man to vote yes in council. Our evidence seemed to sway him although the orc known as the Prophet argued against us at every turn.

With this final hurdle crossed it is now simply a matter of heading to Far’da to speak with Scar Blackrose and the coming together of the One Nation is all but assured.

On our way to Far’da we came across what appeared to be a dwarf merchant wagon and we stopped to talk for a bit. Just when we were off our guard a group of dwarf and gnoll warriors poured out of the back of the wagon and attacked with tremendous ferocity.

We managed to defeat the creatures after a sharp battle in which Horus found himself surrounded and badly wounded after he pulled his standard Come and Get it attack. Luckily Josephus and Misrael were ready with healing spells and all turned out well.

After the fight the equipment worn by the dwarves proved manufactured or at least honored the legendary hidden citadel of the dwarves, Craggen Steep. This is where Jellybean claimed to be from and the fact that these fellows now work in tandem with the gnolls is seriously bad news.

If the huge numbers of Gnolls are matched with the steady discipline of dwarves then I fear strongly for Tanelorn.

We soon arrived in Far’da and spoke with young Retribul Blackrose who we met long ago. He is, it hardly seems possible, more handsome and intelligent than ever. I don’t like to flatter myself but he did seem somewhat interested in me. Later we learned he is the grandson of the current chieftain, Magnus Blackrose, and highly respected as the finest young orc in the Five Nations.

In the chieftain’s chambers we met Retribul’s mother Helen, a beautiful but fierce woman of Tanelorn, and father Kimbrul, an orc of such stature and power that Horus seemed to shrink away from him.

The chieftain’s oldest son, Glorus Blackrose, seemed extremely concerned that the Five Nations might not find it possible to elect the First General at the council and this would end all possibilities of rescue for Tanelorn. Chieftain Magnus proved both wise and stubborn in his idea that Scar must be nominated for First General. Josephus, Misrael, and Rambledon all tried to talk him out of it but I think only the little Hobbit had any success. I put forward the name of Chieftain Aravus Pinyonjay as I promised but I’m fairly certain Magnus wanted no part of him.

Not long after the meeting Scar came and told us that we should return to Tanelorn immediately as the war has already begun. He had no details of the invasion other than to say that it came from three sides as expected.

Back to Tanelorn

As we headed back to Tanelorn a group of Lizard Folk and human warriors of Stav’rol assaulted us. These men were countrymen of the arrogant knight Antonius we met long ago. They seemed obsessed with the idea that the Emperor will arise and attempt to kill all the humans.

Their alliance with the Lizard Folk is just as disturbing as the dwarves working with the Gnolls. With the power of these warriors, even if only a legion, the threat from the south is far greater than we imagined. I’m not sure if Tanelorn can survive even if the One Nation comes to their aid.

So much for my dreams of becoming a Gray Knight!


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