Session 50 – Jon Gray

Point of View (Azraim Melabidactus)

The Weirhelm

On our way back to Tanelorn we first got to kill a bunch Gnolls and Dwarves that were stupid enough to ambush us from some woods. Dumb old Horus charged right into them like usual and almost got killed … like usual. That moron has one tactic but at least he’s fairly good at it.

Not long after that we met up with a bunch of those stupid Plunging Blade Orcs and some rock bears. I thought we killed Trucify and his stupid followers a long time ago. Guess what strategy Horus Cowhead used? He charged right in and one of the bears tore out his liver which was pretty funny but Rhia and Misrael were there to heal the big oaf so he survived yet again. I think they should just let him die one of these times and that would teach him a lesson. Although, if he was dead … well … nevermind.

Finally we got back to Tanelorn and found one of those stupid Villas that is everywhere and because it was raining and everyone wanted news on the war we decided to stop. They treated us pretty rudely at the gate but Rhia finally managed to talk them into letting us inside. The place is run by this billion year old lady who wouldn’t let anyone say anything bad about the Gray Lord who is apparently an old friend or something.

Most of the men were away fighting and the only girls around were either married or kinda ugly. They have some stupid tradition about climbing a tower to get married but I couldn’t figure it all out. I have to admit the food was pretty good though!

Everyone wanted to know how the war was going but they weren’t talking much but eventually we found out that most of the army went north to beef up the Villas against the stupid Gnolls who will try to tear them down one at a time. That seems like a pretty good plan to me. Old clubfoot Valary Gray went west to fight the Rock Lord with a bunch of the druids which I guess is a good thing while super dummy Jon Gray was sent south to fight the Lizard Folk because that was where he could do the least damage. That was probably a good move too.

Right at the end of the meal there was a sort of wave of energy and we all rushed to the basement where some of those stupid Gnolls were using one of the dumb circles to summon some idiot demon things. So, of course, we killed them! Hoorah.

Then the dumb old lady was so grateful she gave Rhia a helmet and Horus another one but what did I get … bupkis!


After that we got all the way back to TanelornCity but found that a bunch of Gnolls were already there and more were coming. The stupid strategy people sent away all the soldiers to the north but the Gnolls didn’t attack the Villas. I could have told them that was a stupid plan if they asked me in the first place but nobody listens.

So, we sent in little Rambledon to find Captain Masassa to find out what to do while the rest of went south to find Jon Gray for some stupid reason. What that idiot can do to help the situation is beyond me.

We met up with Rambledon a day later and found a little camp just south of the city where some Gray Knights were holed up. We fought some Gnoll scouts and killed them no problem and then rushed over to the camp.

In the camp we talked with one of Jon Gray’s assistants and everyone was all begging him to get Jon to come and save us. Finally the guy relented and had some kid blow this big Gray Horn but there was no sound at all so that didn’t make any sense. Then the kid blew another horn and all these Gray Knight soldiers just came wandering out of the woods fully armored and ready to go. I guess they were hiding in there or something.

Then the assistant took us over to one of those stone circles and a few minutes later Jon Gray just sort of appeared inside. He was all grimy and covered with blood and sweat and looked pretty tired but ordered his assistant to mount up the men and head to Tanelorn. I don’t know what stupid plans to do with a few thousand men against fifty thousand Gnolls but I will give him points for bravery.

I wanted to head south and get out of Tanelorn altogether because it is pretty clear what is about to happen even if the morons I’m traveling with think differently. But, they all wanted to head north with Jon to Tanelorn City to see the final battle. If they want to die that’s their business but if it comes down to it I think I’ll pass!


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