The Girl Again

Point of View (Rambledon Hilltopple)

The Funeral

After the long night and the terrible battle Jon Gray and the remaining Gray Knights capable of travel headed west towards Alianus and Felhelm to help ward off attacks from the Rock Lord but we stayed behind with a few dignitaries for the funeral of young Retribul. The young boy took the suicide mission of showign the flag of the One Nation so that the Gray Army didn’t attack the Gnoll army in a hopeless charge.

We all slept heavily that night and it wasn’t until the day after that the funeral took place. It seemed like every survivor of the battle that wasn’t off prosecuting the war was there for the solemn event. Scar Blackrose was set to give the opening speech when suddenly the strange Girl in Glass once again appeared to mar the ceremony. This time she proclaimed that whoever rescued her would reap a great reward. This seemed to ignite the remaining young men in the crowd and all thoughts of the sacrifice of Retribul seemed to get put on hold. The speechmakers did their best but people were just too distracted for it to be a good ceremony. What was to be an affirmation of Tanelorn and of its alliances became instead a hollow event.

Jane Gray gave a particularly impassioned speech but I’m afraid the strange apparition once again ruined things. That is the third time she has appeared and I suspect that the situation is heading towards a conclusion.

Sitka Club

The next day we got an invitation to return to the luxurious environment of the Sitka Club by the old man who runs the place. I had no doubt it involved the appearance of the girl.

We went with the coachman but before Madragus and his friend the little goblin Offo told us what it was all about a group of Gnolls and strange creatures burst into the room and attacked. We fought them off but it was too much for old Madragus and the man succumbed to a massive stroke despite the best efforts of Josephus.

After the battle the little goblin Offo asked us to accompany him on a journey to the barbarian lands of the north. In a recent journey there he discovered an old cave tied to the worship of Demogorgon but could not gain access because of Gnoll guards. He thinks that the two headed Gnoll hero god is somehow connected with the Girl in Glass although he has not yet figured out how.

Naturally we agreed.

Journey North

We set out the next morning with heavy winter gear and a hearty Potak ponies. This time of year the journey will be difficult because of cold weather although the barbarians should be less active which is always a good thing.

A few days into our trip we encountered a group of Gnoll soldiers turned to banditry after their recent defeat at the hands of Tanelorn. We routed them easily enough but learned some interesting information from those we captured. It seems there is some sort of religious schism enveloping all of Grelm. Most of the warriors who took part in the invasion of Tanelorn worshipped one of the traditional demonic gods, Arioch, Lolth, Asmodeus, or one of the others and this left the realm open to worshippers of Demogorgon. When the survivors began to trickle back to Grelm they found their religious beliefs were no longer acceptable and civil war has now embroiled the nation. I can’t say I’m all that upset by the news.

Two weeks later we encountered a group of human soldiers of Stav’rol apparently fleeing a similar route at the hands of the First General in the south. They had likewise turned to banditry and proved more difficult foes than the Gnolls but we defeated them nonetheless.

Offo thinks we are on the right track to find the cave but these trackless wastes of the north make navigation difficult and we might be up in this area for some time to come. At least I brought my excellent woolies.


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