Session 53 – The Temple of Demogorgon

Point of View (Josephus Sunspite)

The Trackless Wastes

We travelled with the goblin Offo into the northern wastes where we last went with the human warrior of Stav’rol and, by the word of Davim, the goblin’s company is significantly more pleasant. He is an affable sort and clearly knows how to handle himself in a battle. Perhaps he wasn’t exaggerating when he told the stories of his journeys.

We wandered the northlands for several weeks before we picked up the trail to the cave and after that things moved steadily forward until we found the region where Offo suspected he found the original site. We spent several days wandering from one region to the next but when we spotted a large group of Gnolls loitering around one cave we all pretty quickly guessed it was the right one.

Ancient Caves

Rambledon snuck up to where the creature’s guarded a cave and we planned an elaborate ambush but things went wrong from the outset as Misrael phased in near the hobbit but mistimed his movement and appeared right on top of a rock and thus completely visible to our enemies. Rhia then dashed forward to protect the Dragonborn and our entire plan was lost.

Next came a scramble of a battle where the creature’s used their fearsome attacks to cause grievous injury to Azraim in his exposed position and I was forced forward to apply the healing power of Davim. I spent most of the battle giving forth the word of the great god while Horace and the others did the fighting. Eventually we defeated the creatures.

After the battle we went into the cave and found an elderly Gnoll who claimed to be a prisoner of the guards outside. He did not trust us for quite a while but eventually warmed to our presence when we showed him the corpses of his former masters. He claimed to be in the cave as a slave of the Gnolls that worship Arioch researching the resurgence of Demogorgon. He made me promise to give him a proper burial should any tragic event occur and then showed us a hidden passage that he kept secret from the other gnolls.

No sooner had he opened the thing when a swarm of hellish bats swooped out and attacked. The creatures proved most ferocious sending Rhia to the ground twice and Rambledon once. With the Healing of Davim and that of Misrael we eventually managed to stave off the creatures but found our friend Utrecht dead in the wake of the battle.

We were rather tired from the long journey to the cave and the pair of battles so we decided to rest for the evening after the lengthy funerary ceremony. I feel somewhat sullied having performed the demonic ritual and will pray to Davim for absolution.

The next morning Horace looked ill and after a careful examination I gathered some herbs from the region and applied a poultice that seemed to alleviate the problem. I suspect those filthy bats of transmitting a disease to the big orc. Luckily he is a warrior of great constitution and should survive the ordeal. We decided to wait another day to make sure the symptoms completely cleared before we headed down the stairwell revealed by Utrecht’s last act.

Below ground we found an ancient warning of sorts and our guide Offo suggested that the Usurper likely placed it after he defeated Demogorgon untold centuries ago.

Further into the dungeon we found an ancient temple apparently devoted to Demogorgon and guarded by a group of terrible demons.

After we defeated them it became clear that they were in the process of fixing the place likely for the return of their master. What all this means is a mystery to me and Davim remains silent himself on the subject. I fear the defeat of the Gnolls might well somehow clear the path of the return of the Two Headed God and this might not bode well for Tanelorn. I suppose the only other option involved Gnolls overrunning the city so there was no other choice.

May Davim protect us all from the coming storm.


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