Demogorgon Breaking Free

Point of View (Misrael al Halladun)

The Caves

I love traveling with little Offo because he is so friendly and fun even though I don’t like being underground so much because it reminds me of my time as a slave to the Golden Worms. After we fought against some of those Demogorgon creatures we searched some more and found another group of them also cleaning up the region. It was a short battle and we destroyed them without too much trouble. The way our group is coming together I’m beginning to think we might just be invincible!

After the battle it was quite clear the creatures are preparing the temple for the return of Demogorgon. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or bad as all the other demons that the Gnolls worship are opposed to his return. Offo doesn’t have an opinion one way or the other but simply wants to find out the connection between the The Girl in Glass and the demon.

We headed further back into the caves and found an old burial chamber where a group of undead priests of Demogorgon lurked in wait. The first thing the monstrous beasts did was take control of Rambledon, Rhia, and Horus. Five seconds into the fight I quickly became quite aware that my earlier musings of invincibility were the ravings of an optimistic mind. Luckily our warriors and expert treasure finder managed to shake off the mind control fairly quickly but the delay gave our opponents time to unleash devastating mind attacks one of which sent Josephus to the ground. I rushed over and roused the stout dwarf quickly but the absence of the healing power of Davim for even a moment further harmed the cause.

With Josphus back on his feet we took the fight back to our foes and eventually managed to send them back to the grave.

After the battle we found the room littered with glyphs and other markings all dating from different time periods. It was quite a slog but with the help of Josephus, Azraim and the others I eventually managed to decipher the magical writing.

It seems that long ago the Usurper rose up against the Emperor in Civil War and that Demogorgon remained faithful to the Imperial Regime. When the Usurper proved victorious he then established rule over the land often times killing his foes but other times imprisoning them. It seems likely that Demogorgon was among those imprisoned rather than killed and that somehow he is now emerging from the chains.

There was no link between Demogorgon and the Girl in Glass and Offo seems to think that the two might be completely unrelated after all.

We talked over the events of the last few days for a bit and decided that it was best to head back to Tanelorn with what little information we gained. Offo seems to think that the legend of the Girl in Glass has spread across the entire continent and that many ambitious travelers will soon arrive in the Gray City in pursuit of the girl’s hand in marriage. I’m not sure I like the sound of all of that.

Crazy Old Coot

We left the cave and found a small group of Gnolls waiting for us outside. An elderly old fellow who seemed to think he was the appointed one to free Demogorgon from his long imprisonment led them. He thinks this act will bring about a new Imperial Age with peace and freedom for all. Of course, the old fellow couldn’t remember his own daughter’s name and soiled himself regularly so I’m not sure his visions are anything other than dementia but we decided to travel with him in any case.

The old guy can barely remember his name but he does seem to be leading us in a fairly direct course to what he claims is an ancient temple from a time before the Imperial Age. Perhaps he is divinely inspired after all. They say insanity and religion often go hand in hand although I’ll refrain from making that suggestion to Josephus.

After a couple of days of travel we ran across yet another marauding band of Gnolls this time under the demonic banner of Asmodeus. We slew them fairly easily and now continue on our way.

If we ever get to this temple the old man has asked both Josephus and I to help him with his ceremony. I know the dwarf will refuse but I’m somewhat intrigued by the idea. I’ll have to think about it a bit more before I make a decision.


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