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Point of View (Azraim Melabidactus)

Botched Summoning

So it looks like after all this travel up north it was for nothing. If the stupid girl isn’t in the stupid box and the Demopoopon demon guy is going to get free anyway all we did was waste two months chasing our tails. I knew it was a stupid mission to begin with when Offo asked us to guide him. At least we got to kill some things and take their stuff.

Now we are following this old gnoll dude so he can free Demopoopon which makes no sense whatsoever and I think I heard Misrael actually say he was going to help the old fart with the ceremony. I figured I was dreaming but then I looked at the moronic expression that is always on his face and I guess he really said it. Next thing you know Josephus will want to help as well. I might as well start worshipping demons right now to save on the wear and tear.

Anyway, we finally got to the stupid cave where dumb-dumb started his stupid ceremony although in the end Fox Boy decided not to help him. The idiot messed the ceremony up so badly that a bunch of fire demons appeared and attacked us. One of the creatures was pretty cute but of course we had to kill them all. I used my new cold breath on them and did most of the damage while Horus and Rhia pretty much stood around on fire. That was humorous until I got lit on fire as well and then it wasn’t so funny anymore.

Of course, they had no treasure. What a waste of time. Luckily one of the fire demon things killed the old fart so at least that was good news. The gnoll women then wanted to come with us but Rhia got all up in their face for reasons I can’t figure out. I mean, the half-orc isn’t the prettiest thing in the world but compared to those dried up old gnoll ladies she shouldn’t be jealous. Who can figure out women anyway.

So, then we headed back to Tanelorn finally. One of these days I’m going to ditch the moron crew and set out on my own. I’ll find that girl and marry her myself and then they’ll all be like, oh Azraim, please let us be your friend, they’ll see then!

Return to Tanelorn

We headed south with the old ladies and pretty quick a bunch of gnolls attack us so we got to kill them which was fun as always. The old ladies went a little madcap on the bodies after the battle. They poked out their eyes to make sure they couldn’t serve Lolth in the afterlife. It was a little gross actually.

Then right when we got near Tanelorn a bunch of guys attacked us and asked for information about the Girl in Glass. Rambledon told them we didn’t find anything but they didn’t believe us which was good because then we go to kill them! Hurray!

It was actually a pretty tough fight as they used missile weapons and did some serious damage to Rhia before we finished them off. Rambledon made sure one of them survived and he told us that everyone in Tanelorn hopes to rescue the Girl in Glass and that they also know we are up north looking for her. So, like everyone will try to kill us. Great. If I thought ditching moron and the stupid bunch was a good idea before then it’s beginning to look like a prize winning plan now.

The genius crew stuck their heads together and came up with a plan to sneak into Tanelorn City without being noticed and I’ll be a dragon’s brother if it didn’t work. I guess even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every once in a while.

A City Overfloweth

Once in town we reported to the the captain that we found out nothing. He thanked us but, as usual, provided no payment for all our work. Naturally the brain trust in charge of this operation didn’t choose to make any mention of that. The captain then told us that some son of some king from some place far away was in town and we need to protect him. He didn’t even know where the kid is so that was freaking helpful. He said that the big orc with the scar would come find us when he knew more.

Now, finally, we’re going home for some rest.


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