Session 56 – On the Trail of Jerichi

Point of View (Rhia Buffalorider)

Rest and Relaxation

After we met with Captain Masassa everyone was keen to get back to the house after our long journey to the north. They all wanted to have some rest and relaxation although I prefer life on the open trail myself. As soon as we got back to the house Josephus opened the door and a group of orcs ambushed us!

They used barbed arrows that pinned the priest of Davim to the door and I was forced to rush forward and protect him before he was poked full of holes. The battle was most difficult and it wasn’t until Rambledon and Misrael took out the archers that we finally managed to gain the upper hand.

The prisoners told us they were merely mercenaries that hoped to find information about the Girl in Glass but their behavior in battle and what we found in the house indicated a more disciplined force. We all suspect that the First General might be behind this latest incident.

I will kill him one of these days but Horus seems to think that in his current position of power there is no way that we can get to him and if we even tried the entirety of the Five Nations would immediately descend upon us as well as many soldiers of Tanelorn as the two nations are strong allies at this point.

After this battle we spent about a week in rest and relaxation although all the quiet makes me nervous. Misrael spent a lot of time with his new little girlfriend and they do make a rather cute couple.

Eventually the Sergeant at Arms came by and escorted us back to the headquarters where he does business. Little Offo was there and gave us information about this Jerichi fellow who is the son of the Sea King. It seems the boy has enemies in the demonic world and that some of them might be up in the Blue Hills just to the north of the city. We agreed to investigate and I’m glad to be back at it rather than sitting around getting fat.

The Blue Hills

We went to the Blue Hills guided by the directions of Offo and quickly found the cave where the Gnolls gathered. We watched them for a bit and figured out they were mostly the demonic creatures that we encountered when we watched the Champion’s Battle last year. There was no way to sneak into the cave so we just went straight in and took them on in battle.

It was another difficult fight but thanks to the healing of Josephus and Misrael we managed to kill them all and search for information about Jerichi.

The gnolls and their demonic allies had a lot of information about Jerichi and it is clear they want to kill him just as Offo suspected. They seem to think he is headed south to the Lizard Folk lands of Drak’val and after we make our report to the captain we will head after him.

If the pictures they had were accurate he is quite the handsome fellow and the son of a king …. I’m just saying.


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