Point of View (Rambleton Hilltopple)

Southward Bound

After we spoke with the demonic creatures in the cave we headed back to Tanelorn City to report to Captain Masassa that we found pretty much what Offo expected. The beasts plot against Jerichi.

The captain told us to follow the boy into Drak’val and protect him from those who want to harm him.

We packed up our gear immediately and set back out on the road. The week of rest and relaxation was quite nice but Rhia has a point when she says that on the trail is more like home to her.

As we traveled we encountered a number of people who remembered seeing Jerichi and his companions pass on their way south. Apparently the boy rides a distinctive black unicorn which should make them easy to track.

After a few days of travel we came across another group of adventurers and started to speak with them when they suddenly attacked! They didn’t count on Horace, Rhia, Azraim, Josephus, and Misrael and we defeated them after a bit of a tussle.

We spoke to the survivors and they told us there is a large reward on Jerichi’s head and that mercenaries are all over the region. This particular group was turned away by Gray Knights at the border with Drak’val. They decided to head back into Tanelorn and took us for competition for the bounty. We decided to let the survivor go on his way and he scrambled off.


A bit more than a week later we found ourselves at the border of Drak’val and encounter a gray knight patrol led by Sir Milus Turngate. He is married to one of the Pedlow daughters and remembered us from our previous encounters. He said that Jerichi passed through the region about four or five days ago on his way south so we are still on the right track.

Milus also mentioned that a number of bounty hunters are on the trail of the boy although he has orders to turn them away from the border. We thanked Milus and went on our way.

Once in the lands of the Lizard Folk we found ourselves to be celebrities of a sort. Our work to help the Emerald Snake Tribe before the war paid off nicely as the tribe is now in command of the region. People knew us wherever we went, offered us free lunch and an escort to Lizard Lake where Jerichi and his companions headed.

We traveled for about a week south and thanks to the excellent guidance of the natives made it through the swampy region without difficulty. At one point another group of bounty hunters attacked us but we dispatched them.

This group apparently followed Jerichi to the shore of the Lizard Lake but failed to obtain a ship. Disappointed they then went about trying to eliminate their competitors. Once again we let the survivors meander away.

Once we arrived at the lake a lizard girl promised us that her father owned a boat and would come to pick us up. We sat down to wait and after a day a group of travelers came up and asked if they might share the boat. Their voice was sweet but their manner menacing and it was a matter of a moments before another battle broke out.

This group seemed more like hired killers than the mercenaries we encountered earlier. They proved worthy foes and almost sent both Josephus and me to an early grave but eventually we prevailed. They did not have anything on them to indicate who hired them to kill Jerichi but the situation does not bode well for the boy. The forces arrayed against him see well-funded and organized. We will have our hands full trying to protect him.

The boat should arrive today and then, hopefully, we can catch up to Jerichi and his friends.


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