Session 58 – Isle of the King

Point of View (Josephus Sunspite)

On the Lake

By the great goodness of Davim we the ship promised to us by the Lizard Folk girl arrived on schedule and the captain, a fine fellow named Wilsharra, gave us the run of the vessel. We stopped by a few small boats and found out where Jerichi and his companions planned to go without any trouble at all.

The captain told us our destination was the Isle of the King where great Sakatha himself once ruled the Lizard Folk. The captain said that the island is only inhabited on holy days and is maintained by soldiers most of the rest of year. We arrived without incident and found three of the young ruler’s friends on the island.

An older elf with an eye patch named Glenganis seemed to be the leader although Misrael immediately went to talk to the attractive girl at his side. The girl was polite enough but did not give us any information about Jerichi although suggested that the young man would return shortly.

Rhia spoke at some length with the elf because she apparently encountered men from the nation of Cawl in the past. They seemed to have a mutual friend although this did not loosen the lips of the man as he steadfastly refused to give us any useful information.

Rambledon then spoke with the last member of the group, a young warrior named Rassilon who proved the friendliest of the bunch. He is apparently a childhood friend of Jerichi. At one point Misrael went into a bit of a panic as he got it in his head that Jerichi was in immediate danger. Glenganis refused to let us go and visit with the lad immediately so we had to wait.

A few hours later Jerichi himself appeared at the doors of the great Temple of Sakatha and joined the conversation. He thanked us for our concern but refused to allow us to join him on his mission.

After this he and his companions got back on their ship and sailed away. We then asked to speak with the high priest of the temple and he told us what he knew without reservations. Apparently Jerichi summoned a powerful demon and questioned him at great length for information. We don’t know exactly what the conversation entailed but the high priest suggested that the boy was headed south to the lands of the Dragonborn. The fact that Jerichi is in concert with demons disturbs me greatly.

That night I experienced an inexplicable dream or perhaps a vision when an old man visited the camp. At first I suspected it was Davim himself to guide me but this was not the case. The fellow had some disturbing insights into the nature of divinity that I do not care to discuss publicly.

In the morning we set out after Jerichi and picked up his trail quickly enough thanks to the help of local fishermen. While in this pursuit a group of creatures from below the waves attacked. It was a difficult battle as Azraim and Rhia were on one side of the vessel while the rest of us fought on the other. Eventually we proved victorious but it was a near thing indeed. Blessed be Davim and the power of light that he wields.

On Land Again

After several more days on the lake we arrived at the southern shore and prepared to head inland once again. The Dragonborn land is perhaps a week of travel to the south and, with the guidance of more friendly Lizard Folk, the journey looks to be easy going. The trail of Jerichi and his friends is once again not difficult to follow.

As we camped one night a group of strange angelic creatures attacked us although by the power of Davim we proved more than capable of handling their assault. Their angelic nature seems to indicate that the heavens themselves are in an upheaval in regards to The Girl in Glass.

I will pray to Davim for guidance no matter what an old fool in a dream might suggest.


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