Session 59 – Magic Circles

Point of View (Misrael al Halladun)

Dragonborn Lands

The boat ride was really fun and that girl who travels with Jerichi is pretty cute. I hope the guys don’t tell Ashmia how long I talked to her. It looks we’re going to head into the Dragonborn lands which sounds like a lot of fun. The only Dragonborn I’ve ever known is Azraim and he’s a nice guy. I can’t wait to meet more, maybe they’ll join Tanelorn too, like the Gnolls and the Orcs!

We traveled with the Lizard Folk for another week through their lands but eventually we got to a forested region with pretty trees and wonderful flowers like I’ve never seen before. It’ll be fun keeping my botany and bird books up to date. The fellows suggested we avoid any large settlements as the Dragonborn can be a bit combative at times but we managed to find regular folks now and again and they all remembered Jerichi and his black unicorn.

Things were going just great when a group of soldiers suddenly decided we didn’t belong in their lands and attacked. We tried to talk them out of it but it was to no avail. They were tough warriors but eventually we put them all down thanks to the great fighting skills of Horus and Rhia and the healing of Josephus. Little Rambledon helped as well.

After we defeated the Dragonborn we took their stuff and let the wounded wander off. Hopefully they will tell other soldier groups not to bother us in the future. I think everything is going to go just great from here on out!

Stone Circles

We followed Jerichi and his friends to a big stone circle that the Dragonborn say is a bad place. We watched him perform a strange ceremony and Rambledon snuck up close and heard him ask the demon creature summoned about Kiakiona and Demogorgon although the little Halfling didn’t understand a lot of what was said. I guess maybe Offo was wrong when he said the two are not connected. It’s all a mystery. After Jerichi and his friends went off we decided to examine the circle and I found this cool little notch in the stone. While I played with it a bunch of demon things suddenly appeared and attacked.

It was a tough fight and at one point Rhia actually got swallowed up whole by a jelly demon thing.

But, in the end we proved victorious as usual. Those demons don’t stand a chance against us! Bring on Arioch, Lolth, Demogorgon, Asmodeus, and all the rest and we’ll just mop the floor with them! Yahoo!

The demon told Azraim that Jerichi decided to go back to Tanelorn for some reason but we couldn’t figure out why. There is a working portal stone circle nearby and although we don’t know how to use them I bet if we watch Jerichi we might be able to figure it out!

So, off we dashed again after Jerichi and his friends. I hope we get to talk to that nice girl again.

We found them just as they were doing magic at another stone circle and this time they simply vanished. It was really cool but as they disappeared another group of demons appeared in their place which was odd. We decided to attack right away because the magic of the portal doesn’t last all that long and if we want to follow Jerichi we need to move straight in.

The battle was pretty much like the first one and we cleaned those demon’s clocks pretty easily.

Now we just have to activate the portal and jump back to Tanelorn where I can see Ashmia. This was such a fun trip. With Azraim casting the magic I don’t see what can possibly go wrong!


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