Session 62 – Throne Room

Point of View (Rambleton Hilltopple)


Our exploration of the dead city of Das’von continued after our night hiding in the shadows of one of the few structures to survive whatever terrible event destroyed the ancient King of Cities. I’m convinced that Misrael is right about our location. It fits in with the theme that this mysterious fellow Shinamar seems to want us to follow. I’m not sure what we are to learn here in the city and we cannot survive long amongst the roving bands of undead monsters that seem to lurk around each corner. It is at times like this that I wonder if leaving Hop Hillover and the family business was the smart move.

We ran into another group of them not long into the morning but managed to dispatch the beasts, which included a moderate sized skeletal dragon, without too much difficulty. It was after this battle that a dwarf approached from the rubble and claimed to be a messenger of Shinamar. Seamus Blackiron apologized for not meeting us at the stairwell saying that a powerful group of undead creatures prevented him from making the appointment.

He explained that his instructions from Shinimar were to escort us to the great Broken Throne that was once the seat of power in the Old Empire. He told us the journey was dangerous and one he has never undertaken before. Misrael seemed to balk at this statement suggesting that it was too dangerous for Seamus but not for us. The dwarf took some offense at this and suggested in a rather brusque fashion that we follow him or not and then led the way.

We, having little else to do, followed.

Not long into the journey another group of undead creatures attacked but we managed to finish them off without too much difficulty. I noticed that Seamus didn’t help in any appreciable fashion. While he is certainly carrying out the orders of this Shinamar person he doesn’t seem to care a great deal about our welfare.

After the battle we questioned the dwarf a little more closely and he admitted that he was to take us to a portal where we will be transported back to Tanelorn after seeing the throne room. He knows nothing about the throne room or what we are to do there.

We continued with Seamus for some time through the vast ruins and he told us a bit about his relationship with Shinamar although little about himself. His surname is Blackiron which is the same as Borrombo who betrayed us years ago. This would seem to suggest that is also from the great hidden dwarf citadel Craggen Steep although he refused to acknowledge as much. He claimed not to know Borrombo personally as there are many Blackiron’s and the name is a common one among the family.

The Throne Room

Eventually our little band arrived at the throne room and what appeared to be a pile of bones turned out to belong to a huge Bone Dragon that didn’t take kindly to our intrusion. I immediately went into stealth mode as the beast’s attacks were extremely potent. Even a glance from the creature was enough to almost kill me.

Horus and Rhia charged immediately into combat while Josephus, Misrael, and Azraim stayed back to cast their magical spells.

It was a difficult fight and at two separate points I was knocked unconscious by the dragon. The second occasion is the last I remember of the battle until Misrael and his Spirit Fox stood over me apparently providing a healing spell of some sort. I’m told that the Tiefling delivered the killing blow to the beast although everyone contributed in this awful fight.

We spent a great deal of time recovering although everyone was completely spent after the battle. We searched the throne room and found several pieces of important information. We now have clues to the location of Demogorgon’s prison and we might be able to get there and prevent the demon from breaking his bonds.

We also learned that the Sea Giant Cawl took the Broken Throne and returned it to his island nation. Apparently the great giant wants to reconstitute the Old Empire and put his son Jerichi on the throne. I’m not sure what the Gray Lord will make of this information but our last orders from him were to protect Jerichi.

We rested the night without incident; likely all the undead creatures avoid this area because of the presence of the terrible dragon, and plan to head to the portal in the morning. It will be good to return to Tanelorn although I fear we might not stay there long.


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