Session 68 – Crypts

Point of View (Josephus Sunspite)

The Crypts

Blessed be the Light of Davim as we traverse these terrible crypts to which the fire lord sent us. I do not know why we are here but it is presumably because we can find out clues as how to forever entomb Demogorgon. There is an ancient circle with a large sarcophagus in the center. Someone breached the circle long ago and the lid was off although we did not dare approach it for a while.

We circled the massive chamber and found half a dozen more stone tombs each with the lid closed and eventually Misrael al Halladun found a passageway out. Before exploring the rest of the dungeon we thought it best to closely examine the sarcophagus at the center of the circle. Misrael went first and this seemed to unleash undead beasts from the other graves.

The battle proved somewhat difficult but the foul creatures of unlife proved no match for the will of mighty Davim, the sword of Rhia, and the fighting skill of Azraim, Misrael, and Rambledon.

The unlife beasts simply faded away after we defeated them and the necrotic power of the circle likely reforms them after a period of time. We took the in between period to examine the stone coffin in the center of the circle but found nothing of any interest.

The Dungeon

We then set out into the dungeon with little Rambledon leading the way. His bravery proved to be foolhardiness as he got too far ahead and found a group of darklings awaiting us in ambush. Before we could catch up to him he lay dead on the floor as the beasts attacked us.

We rushed forward in disjointed fashion and this let our foes get the better of us. It was only the mighty blessing of Davim and his healing words that allowed us to survive. If our foes had received any reinforcements it would certainly have been the end of our adventures. Only the great healing power of Davim saved Rambledon from certain death.

Luckily the leader of the darklings appeared and did not attack but instead called a halt to the combat. The creatures are apparently at war with unlife monsters in another part of the dungeon.

The leader of the darklings took us aside and asked us pertinent questions about Arioch. Apparently he smelled the remnants of sulfur on our bodies from the trip to the fire realm and took our presence as a sign from his god. He worships Arioch but the gods recent disappearance has him quite concerned. He is considering switching his allegiance to Demogorgon.

The blaspheme of these heathens disgusts me to the core. The very thought that one could abandon one’s god is beyond comprehension to me. My devotion to Davim is eternal and it would not matter if the mighty bringer of light never spoke to me again. I will go to the grave with my faith in my heart.

This degenerate worshipper of Arioch bid us to kill some of the unlife across the way in exchange he would tell us all he knew about the circle.

We agreed although it pains me to work for such a soulless beast as him.

We traversed the dungeon and found a group of ghoulish beasts led by a mind warping vampire.

It was a difficult fight as the creature took control of the weak willed Rhia, Azraim, and even little Rambledon. It was only the power of Misrael and his Spirit Fox that saved us from destruction.

I am troubled by my companions’ inability to resist the mind warp of the vampire. Perhaps they are as craven as the darkling who switches gods in the same way I might change shoes. Still, they have served me, and Davim, ably enough so far. I will watch them closely from here on out. The backstabbing little Offo betrayed us for the Girl in Glass and I would not put it past the rest of the group to do the same if the price was right.

When we returned to the leader of the darklings he told us that he had in his possession a Demon Key that was used to break the prison back in the main crypt. He thinks that we might be able to use it to track down more of its kind and thus find and release Demogorgon.

The craven beast has given up on Arioch and is now wholeheartedly in the camp of the demon. He asked us to promise to release the two-headed gnoll god or he would not give us the key.

We decided to discuss the matter amongst ourselves but have yet to come to a conclusion. I have no qualms about lying to the soulless beast but we will see what the rest of the group decides.


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