Tanelorn is a City/State in the central north of the continent of Corland. It was founded fifty years ago when an adventurer named Vol the Gray retired to the region with a group of followers. The Gray Lord quickly established residence in an abandoned city and promised neighbors that he planned no aggression against them.

Tanelorn grew over the years because this pledge was never broken and many retired adventurers flocked to the Gray Haven and found the peace and solitude that their lives were missing. When foreign nations attacked the Gray Haven they were soundly defeated by trained warriors although no war was ever pursued outside of defensive actions. There are a number of establishments in Tanelorn City and in recent years retired adventurers have married and children are now not an uncommon site in the region.

Soon neighboring nations, including Alianus the Elf City, and Felhelm the dwarf land joined the Gray Lord and the region began to blossom with power and influence. The Orc tribes of the Five Nations recently agreed to become an ally with the Tanelorn.

Two other powerful foes, the Rock Lord to the northwest and the Gnolls to the northeast still remain belligerent to Tanelorn but have been badly rebuffed at every attempt of invasion.

Because many of those who settled in Tanelorn are of a martial bent many small towers and forts have sprung up over the years collectively called Villas. These house extended families but also provide safe haven for farmers and civilians of Tanelorn during times of invasion. Because the Gray Lord refuse to carry out acts of aggression the nation is often on the defensive in the early stages of a war.


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