Mad Man’s Rage

This is a Combat Encounter in the Third Adventure in the Girl in Glass Campaign.


Encounter Level (1,200 XP)

  • Ibius Brinkus Artillery
  • 12 Bat Minions

Read Aloud Text

The stench that permeates this cave is difficult to describe in both its intensity and thickness. Dozens of small bats flitter about and the floor is slick with their guano and the thousands of insects that feasts upon it. A small shrine made of waste sits in the center of the room and a pile of debris suddenly moves and you see the skeletal figure of a Gnoll rise up and cackle and cough.

“You see friends,” says the creature apparently talking to the bats, “we said there would be visitors, we said so.”


The bats dive bomb the party attempting to distract, harry, and keep pinned down while Ibius unleashes his full arsenal of destructive spells upon them.


Once Ibius is dead his control of the bats falters and they stream out of narrow egresses in the ceiling of the room.

Features of Area

The floor is extremely difficult to navigate and anyone moving more than two squares must make a Saving Throw for each square past the second they move. Failure results in falling prone in the muck and being weakened until the end of their next turn as the foul debris fills their mouths, noses, and ears.



After defeating the thing that was once a Gnoll, the group can attempt to search the disgusting cavern. They find a journal of sorts although the creature seems to have been burning pages in dung fires as much as writing.







Staff, this long white staff has a wooden end shaped like a foxes head. The staff itself has etched foxes circling up its shaft as if chasing one another.


Ibius’s stained journal. See the Ibius Handout for more information about this item.


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