Demonspawn Gnoll

This is a Combat Encounter from the Third Module of the Girl in Glass Campaign.


Encounter Level (900 XP)

  • 8 Hill Wolves
  • 1 Hill Wolf Leader
  • 1 Demonspawn Gnoll

Read Aloud Text

The pilgrims gather to wish you well on your journey when a lone wolf appears on a nearby hill and gives out a mournful howl. A few moments later a half dozen more appear around the caravan including a massive specimen that looks half Gnoll half wolf.

“Garous, Garous,” cry out the pilgrims in fear as the women and children rush for cover while the men circle in a defensive perimeter.


The wolves are well organized with the Hill beasts penetrating the perimeter of the camp and drawing fire while the leader and the Demonspawn close in on fiercest members of the defense looking to inflict damage.


At the end of the third round of combat one of the Hill Wolves snatches a gnoll child from its mothers arms and bursts off into the hills at full run. The other beasts then begin to beat a retreat snatching what they can.

Features of Area

The defensive perimeter is made up of three wagons in a triangular formation with obstacles thrown up between them. The group is regular and easy to traverse although it is difficult to see what is going on outside the defensive area.



With the Demonspawn Gnoll either defeated or driven off the group is congratulated by the Gnolls and thanked with gifts. To be devoured by a Garous is one of the worst fates that could ever happen to a Gnoll.

The beasts are offspring of Gnolls and Wolves. When a Gnoll is banished from his family he often takes to the hills and sometimes mates with wild beasts in insane desperation. Such things are considered an abomination in Grelm society. They are also greatly feared and considered mystical beasts of tremendous power.

See the treasure list for gifts given after the battle.


Hill Wolf Minions

Hill Wolf Leader

Demonspawn Gnoll


8 Hill Wolves

Wolf pelt (15) and canines (18) of value to a tanner

1 Hill Wolf Leader

Wolf pelt (18) and canines (22) of value to a tanner

1 Demonspawn Gnoll

The skull of a Gnoll licked partially clean but still showing a few decaying signs of the creature that once housed it

From the Saved Gnolls

Five Healings potions, five cure disease potions, and a Necklace of Firestones +7 vs AC Burst 3 2d8+5 damage


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