A small farmstead along the Blue Trouter is attacked and overwhelmed by a group of strange creatures that swam downstream from the glaciers to the north. The creatures have taken over the corpses of the family now prey on travelers.

The Fell Taint group swam in from the ether of another world and infested a group of Bullywogs living in the Green Hills. The Bullywogs then swam up the Blue Trouter while infected and brought their taint to the small farmhouse. The only survivors left are one adults and two children who are mostly hiding in the cellar and will soon die without help.

This Set Piece from Book One is suitable for a group of five characters of 1st and 2nd level and can take place during the Girl in Glass Adventure Path.

The .xps version of the file, maps, and MapTool files are or will be free for download here


Encounter 01 – Feasting on the Corpses

Encounter 02 – The Zombie Farmers

Encounter 03 – Outside the Farmhouse

Encounter 04 – Entering the Farmhouse

Encounter 05 – Dogs in the Kitchen

Encounter 06 – The Attic


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