Finding the Hidden Caves Skill Challenge

This is the first Encounter in the Apparition Module of the Girl in Glass


Encounter Level 1 (300 XP)

Read Aloud Text

The cave before you is littered with debris while the wounded and captured Gnolls sit on the ground glaring at you with beady red eyes and bare their teeth.

Primary Goal

In this skill challenge the group must interrogate the prisoners, search the cave, and otherwise attempt to get information from the Gnolls as to their true purpose in the region.


When the group succeeds in all five secondary goals they finish the skill challenge and learn the location of the Hidden Caves.

  1. Each member of the group must spend a healing surge.
  2. Each member of the group loses an Encounter Power until after their next encounter.
  3. The group is giving poor directions and must deal with 005a – Cave Bear encounter.
  4. The group is giving horrible directions and must spend another Healing urge and another Encounter Power.
  5. Same as above

Secondary Goals

  • Team Check DC 17 + Tier Penalty
  • Individual Check DC 21 + Tier Penalty
Search the Cave

The wine kegs have the symbol of a downward plunging dagger burned into their sides.

Search the Gnolls

There is a small note underneath on one of the Gnolls that has a map although it is marked with strange symbols and difficult to decipher.

Interrogate 1

The Gnoll gives the group a general idea that the Plunging Blade camp is not far away.

Interrogate 2

The Gnoll admits the Camp is not far away at all and you can find it within an hour or so without too much trouble.

Interrogate 3

The Gnoll gives clear directions to the location of the Hidden Caves and mentions that they didn’t want to work with the Plunging Blade anyway but were just following orders.


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