Cave Bear

This is an Encounter in the First Adventure of the Girl in Glass.


Encounter Level 1 (0 XP)

As an alternate encounter based on failure there is no experience given. The group stumbles through the hills hoping to find the bandit Gnoll camp and instead walks in on an angry cave bear.

  • 1 Cave Bear

Read Aloud Text

Following the trail you find yourself outside a narrow crevasse that might lead back into a cave area. You shine your light ahead and hear a terrible roar at the same second a massive furry paw strikes out at you!

Close Combat

The Cave Bear is wild with anger at being disturbed and chases down intruders and smashes them to the ground before moving onto to its next victim. Anyone left at its feat is dragged back to the cave, partially eaten, and buried for later meals.


The creature has no other tactics than to lash out at whomever hit it last as long as that person is adjacent to it.


The ferocious beast will amble off if the group gives it enough room and refrains from attacking it back although it will continue to fight until at least one tormentor goes down.

Features of Area

The outside of the cave is rocky and rough terrain but the bear moves over it easily. The group treats much of the region as rough terrain.




  • Bear Pelt (20 gold)
  • Bear Claws and Teeth (30 gold)


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