Plunging Blade Hideout

This is an encounter in the First Module of the Girl in Glass Campaign.


Encounter Level (XP)

  • 1 Spike Trap
  • 1 Large Dog
  • 6 Plunging Blade Acolytes
  • 1 Plunging Blade Warrior

Read Aloud Text

You smell the entrance to the hideout before you even see it as the inhabitants simply pile their garbage up outside the entrance. A lone guard, who looks to be an orc or half-orc, stands near the entrance answering the call of nature and picking his nose.

Close Combat

The mercenaries fight together moving shoulder to shoulder to protect each other but panic quickly and break the lines if badly wounded.


The mercenaries try to hold the line from the advancing group with reasonable discipline and try to concentrate their attacks on a single foe.


The mercenaries all hear the sounds of combat but are slow to react. They each take two rounds to gather their swords and slip on leather jerkins and helmets before attacking.

All of the mercenaries will surrender if they are hit a single time after they reach a bloodied state.

Features of Area

The ground is littered with debris but basically clear for combat purposes. If the battle moves into the Snake Pit area there is a chance the group might tumble into the pit among several poisonous varieties.



Dremus Tal has several documents in his possession that increment Hestwing Bardagus as detailed in Handouts – 005b.

The half-orc soldier is rather dim witted and in conversation reveals that Hestwing is a half-breed Orc-Gnoll who lives in Tanelorn City. He also rather freely boasts of the Plunging Blades and their noble goal of preventing humans from dominating the region as they did in olden times. He has no detailed understanding of the order and is easily confused.

The Plunging Blades are the guardians of freedom, says the half-orc thumping his chest nodding his head. We defend the weak from the depr .. depr .. from the humans!

The mercenaries took an oath to prevent human domination but didn’t seriously consider it. They are in it for the money. They know Dremus has been meeting with Gnolls and is frustrated but little else.


Spike Trap

Guard Dog


Plunging Blade Warrior



30 Gold, silver rings (10 gold), plugs chewing tobacco (5 copper), iron short swords, blunt and heavy with leather straps wrapped around pinewood handles (8 silver), and supple leather jerkins with a hastily painted symbol of a dagger pointing downwards (25 gold).

An ivory drinking horn (200 gold) on one Acolyte

Charl Gum (10 silver) on one Acolyte. This is a mild hallucinogen produced by mashing leaves of the Charl plant to gum.


200 Gold, jade necklace (25 gold), heavy Great Axe (30 gold) made from thick steel that holds a decent edge. The haft is heavy oak etched with eight short slashes near the base, and a light chain shirt (40 gold) with a number of missing links that barely covers the shoulders and midriff

In Cave
  • Ten chickens (4 gold) running loose in the coop
  • Four chicken eggs (4 copper)
  • 1 keg of medium wine (8 gold)
  • 1 set silver flatware, knife and spoon (8 gold) on Warrior
  • 2 kegs of Apple Cider in barrels marked with a Golden apple
  • 1 note from Hestwing Bardagus about the order and the kegs of cider


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