Ruffians in the Alley

This is an encounter in the first module of the Girl in Glass Campaign.


Encounter Level (500 XP)

  • 4 Human Rabble Minions
  • 2 Human Bandit Skirmishers
  • 1 Human Guard Soldier

Read Aloud Text

Your tumble out of the Golden Apple with bellies full of apple pie and cider and Borrombo staggering at your side his cheeks and nose bright red.

My … hic … quarters are up here, he sputters out just as a rough looking human with a scar along his right cheeks steps out from an alley. Did you save any money for me, he says with a wry smile.

Close Combat

The ruffians move in quickly trying to concentrate their attacks on the lead party member.

Borrombo whips out a heavy truncheon and joins the group in combat.

Borrombo is truly drunk and his statistics reflect this fact but he does his level best to aid the party.


The ruffians gang up on the lead member of the group forming up as best as possible. They are fairly disorganized and fight poorly.


If three or more of the ruffians go down the rest attempt to run away from the group. If captured only the soldier knows anything. He was paid by a rough looking orc, whose description could well fit Adusko at the Golden Apple.

He was big, full-blooded orc with foul breath and a giant plug of tobacco, says the trembling man. I just did it for the money, nothing personal.

Features of Area

The alleyway makes for close combat and the group is without any large weapons to fight back. There are several nearby makeshift weapons in the form of wooden slats some of which have broken nails still in them. These do 1d6+1 plus strength damage on a hit.



Borrombo staggers off to a corner and throws up much of food immediately after the battle and must be escorted back to his nearby quarters. He is staying at the Horse and Goat lodge which is a comfortable inn for well heeled travelers. The staff at the Horse and Goat takes charge of Borrombo and appear to have seen this sort of behavior in the past.





Borrombo Blackiron



18 silver, silver ring (5 silver), stout oak club (3 silver), and light leather jerkin


50 silver, iron mace (10 silver) with leather wrapped oak handle, iron helmet (6 gold)

One bandit has a silver belt buckle (5 silver)


100 silver on soldier, citrine earring (30 silver), sunstone cameo (80 silver) with picture of elf girl, iron short sword (50 silver) with pearl inlaid handle, heavy oak wood shield (8 silver) banded with iron, heavy elephant hide armor badly tanned, ivory tobacco pipe (30 silver), and a high quality pouch of tobacco (5 silver).


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