Session 64: South to Meet Offo

Point of View (Misrael al Halladun)

On the Trail

It was a great week in Tanelorn with Ashmia but now it’s time to get going again. We got a message from Offo asking us to meet him in the south at a place called Grabzag. We’ve never been there before and I really love going to new places. I’m sure it will be fun and with Tanelorn safe from invasion I don’t see how we’ll have any trouble on the trip.

It will be great to see Offo and find out what he is doing. I’m sure he’s figured out something or another about Demogorgon and The Girl in Glass. We’ll rescue the girl, seal the demon, and be heroes of Tanelorn. Oh boy!

As we traveled south we saw some smoke on the horizon and found a group of orcs attacking a small caravan.

We trounced the villains with ease and it turned out that the leader of the caravan was the young woman Rainia we saved from that horrible former [KnightofGray|Gray Knight]] back in the Five Nations years ago. She remembered us and particularly Horus quite fondly. She told us all about the village of Grabzag and made sure to mention to our orc warrior that she would be staying in Tanelorn City for a few days.

The orcs attacking turned out to be bandits fleeing the just rule of Adusko in his new capacity of First General. I was worried when we found out he was in such a high position of authority but maybe he will end up being a good leader!

After that we continued our journey south and came across what must be one of the last groups of Gnoll holdouts encamped by a river. They attacked us foolishly, rather than simply surrendering and returning home, and we had to kill them.

That was about it for the day. Hopefully we’ll get to Grabzag soon and meet up with Offo. I can hardly wait!


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