06 – Attic


Encounter Level 2 (475 XP)

  • 4 Fell Taint Lashers
  • 2 Fell Taint Pulsars
  • 1 Fell Taint Warp Wender

Read Aloud Text

As you poke your head into the attack you immediately spot one of the strange tentacle creatures lurking behind a pillar and several more closing in from the other regions of the attic.


The Lasher’s move forward and attempt to immobilize foes while the Pulsars do damage from range staying behind cover as best they can. The Wender attempts to transpose with anyone who is fighting particularly well during the battle.

In a desperate situation the Warp Wender flies out of a window after dazing a foe and then transposes leading to a nasty fall from height.


If all three of the Lasher’s are killed or two of them and one of the Pulsar’s the Wender flees through an open window.

Features of Area

Fighting in the cramped attic is not easy and maneuver is difficult. There are a number of obstacles including beds, dressers and other heavy furniture.



Once the final Fell Taint is destroyed or flees all the other Fell Taint in the house evacuates the area. The creatures have no treasure


Fell Taint Warp Wender

The Warp Wender wears a silver ring on one tentacle etched with a symbol that appears to be a brain and grants the wearer one point of intelligence.


Fell Taint Lasher

Fell Taint Pulsar

Fell Taint Warp Wender


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