The Bears out Front

This is a Combat Encounter in the Second Set Piece of the Second module of the Girl in Glass Campaign.


Encounter Level (299 XP)

  • 4 Dire bear Cubs
  • 1 Dire Bear

Read Aloud Text

The little cottage seems quite idyllic and not nearly as run down as the boys led you to believe. Crops grow healthily in a adjacent field and a little garden seems to be flourishing.

As you scout out the place a low growl is the warning you have a massive bear charges out from behind the cottage and attacks.


The massive Dire Bear attacks the first foe it encounters and continues to assault that enemy until it is down.

The cubs streak out from behind cover and also attack the nearest foe determinedly until down.


At the conclusion of the battle the hermit exits the house and asks after the safety the player characters. This is, of course, the werebear in disguise but the creature is intelligent and crafty.

Features of Area

The corn field is an excellent place to hide and vision is restricted to one square while inside but the terrain is otherwise open. A small well and a trough are obstacles but relatively easily avoided.



The group must deal with the supposed hermit after the battle. The creature is difficult to pin down but the group should have their suspicions.


Bear Cubs

Dire Bear


Bear Cubs Pelt (10) that can be tanned and cured for use in tailoring.
Dire Bear Thick pelt (30) that can be tanned and cured for use in tailoring.


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