Finding the Truth

This is a Skill Challenge in the Second Set Piece of the Second Module of the Girl in Glass Campaign.


Encounter Level (600 XP)

Primary Goal

The werebear is keeping a secret from the group and it is their goal to find out the truth.

The Secret

The werebear came across the hermit while wandering in the woods some months ago and eventually, in the guise of a bear, learned that the old man had a hidden treasure somewhere in his small home.

Then, as a man, the creature tried to befriend the hermit and learn the true nature of the treasure. The hermit figured out the deception before revealing the hiding place of his most sacred possession and the werebear immediately killed the hermit.

The werebear is now systematically searching the quarters looking for the truth although the hidden treasure is proving quite difficult to locate even after several days of trying.

  • The group is unsure if this is truly the hermit and must make a second effort
  • Each member of the group must expend one healing surge
  • Each member of the group must expend on encounter power
  • Each member of the group must expend one daily power
  • Each member of the group must expend another healing surge for each failure after this level

Is the Hermit really the Hermit? Determine if the hermit is really who he claims to be


The group strongly suspects the hermit is some sort of an imposter but can’t quite figure out what is going on yet.

You’re fairly certain this is an imposter but you think there is more to the story than you’ve discovered so far.

What is the imposters plan?

Find out what the imposters is doing in the hermit’s hut.


The group determines that this is not the hermit and that the imposter is clearly hiding some sort of information.

It is clear to you that the hermit is not who he claims to be although there is clearly more to the deception than identify theft. The creature is hiding something and more conversation might reveal what it is.

Expose the Imposter

Expose the imposter and force a final confrontation


The werebear is exposed as an imposter and a battle begins immediately.

With one final distorted fact exposed the hermit rises, his face red and bloated with anger, and begins to growl at you in a low, menacing way. Then his clothes begin to burst as he transforms before your eyes into some sort of a bear man.

Let the battle begin! See SP02D – The Werebear Discovered for details about this Combat Encounter.


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