The Werebear Discovered

This is a Combat Encounter in the Second Set Piece of the Second Module of the Girl in Glass Campaign.


Encounter Level (750 XP)

  • 1 Werebear

Read Aloud Text

With one final distorted fact revealed the hermit rises, his face red and bloated with anger, and begins to growl at you in a low, menacing way. Then his clothes begin to burst as he transforms before your eyes into some sort of a bear man.


The werebear is a crafty veteran of numerous combats. It attempt to back its way into a doorway to minimize the number of attacks that can be used against it.


If badly wounded the creature uses its immense strength and knowledge of the house to burst through a weak point in one of the walls and make an escape.

Features of Area

The house is close quarters for a combat and items litter almost every available space. Tables and chairs make movement difficult and anyone moving more than half their movement in a round must make a saving throw or be stopped immediately as they pitch headlong over an obstacle.



Once the creature has been exposed the group realizes that the hermit had a secret that the bear wanted to get at. They will have to complete the search made by the clumsy bear to discover the hidden room in the basement.





A single note on the werebear indicates that it had finished searching most of the house indicated by check marks on a little drawing of the house . There is an area in the basement with a question mark next to it although it appears to be a solid wall.


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