Basement Guardians

This is a Combat Encounter in the Second Set Piece of the Second Module of the Girl in Glass Campaign.


Encounter Level (555 XP)

  • 5 Skeletal Minions
  • 2 Zombie Thugs
  • 1 Shadow Stalker

Read Aloud Text

As you break through the wall you find there is a secret chamber behind but before you can start to move through a skeletal arm emerges and attempts to rake you with razor sharp fingernails.


The first skeleton charges through followed by the Zombie Thugs and then the rest of the skeletons as the Shadow Stalker attempts to glide through unnoticed in the shadows cast by the light in the cellar.

If undetected the creature slips up from behind and applies its cold grasp attack to anyone using magic.


The creatures all fight until destroyed with no sense of personal life.

Features of Area

The cellar is moderately cramped but well laid out with a flat floor proves a good combat ground.



The group finds the locket after disposing of the creatures set by the hermit to guard the area many years ago.


Skeletal Minions

Zombie Thugs

Shadow Lurker


There is no treasure on the creatures but the Hermit’s amulet is in the basement


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