Session 60 – A Strange Detour

Point of View (Horus Calmuck)


When Azraim cast the invocation and sent us hurtling through the portal to far off lands there was a momentary distortion that seemed unusual to me. I’ve never before voyaged through a gateway so perhaps it was not an anomaly, but subsequent events suggest that the magic was somehow manipulated by a third party.

We arrived in an underground region which didn’t seem consistent with where Jerichi and his companions intended to visit. A welcoming committee of rocky creatures immediately engaged us in combat. They were challenging foes, but in the end we defeated them.

The creatures crumbled to rubble after their defeat which left us no clue as to their origin or our location. We are now somewhere in the darkling lands with no clear avenue of escape. Azraim tried to reactivate the portal but to no avail and after a discussion we determined to set out into the unknown and hope for the best.

We traveled for some period and rested once, then we came across another band of rock creatures who engaged us instantly in mortal combat. Once again we defeated our foes but they again left behind no clues as to our current location or means to escape it.

We have a limited supply of foodstuff although we’ve encountered several underground streams where we refilled out water supply. If we are forced to remain underground for much longer I’m afraid we might well come to an ignominious end with starvation the cause of our demise. Only the relentless cheerfulness of Misrael keeps our spirits buoyed.

Well Met

After another day of travel in the realms below the earth, a man suddenly appeared and greeted us as if long lost companions. This Marmos seems to know a great deal about us and thinks that we know for what purpose our journey was rerouted. We asked him a few questions but he spoke mainly in riddles and it wasn’t until we rested for the evening that a detailed discussion took place.

It appears that someone named Shinamar is responsible for our detour. He arranged for our arrival here so that Marmos can show us various sites. Our guide remained mostly truculent on what we are to see but did expound somewhat on Shinamar. Apparently he served as apprentice to the last Mage King of Das’von, Elucidor the Omnipotent. He is now in hiding because of his belief that there are no gods at all but simply powerful creatures. He hopes to rid the world of the worship of said beasts so that each man can determine his own fate. It seems a noble effort but I am unconvinced that people are capable of throwing off the shackles of faith. In my experience people are largely inclined to believe what they want to believe, and the pursuit of the actual truth is more effort than they care to expend.

I’m somewhat concerned that the more religious members of our entourage, primarily Josephus might want to distance themselves from Marmos and this plan. However, in the morning the priest of Davim continued along with us without protest.

We traveled for a period underground, stopped to rest twice more and encountered one group of enemies. We dispatched them after a sharp battle although Marmos himself did not participate.

After this we arrived at a place he called the Crystal Hall where he summoned up a strange vision that depicted an entire world being shaped by elementals and bombarded with meteors. He claimed the Crystal Hall capable of producing other visions but refused to show us any. The suggestion here, I suppose, is that the world was created by elementals, not the gods. The display was spectacular but proves little.

We then traveled for several more periods of time punctuated by resting and one battle against more elemental foes.

We again prevailed in the fight but learned little of the nature of our enemy. Marmos says that elementals from before the dawn of the world still roam these depths and there are also the great powers that want to thwart Shinamar.

Eventually we found ourselves in a massive lava chamber where an immense tower crackled with magical energy. Marmos suggested that this tower, and perhaps five more like it, is the actual source of all the magical energy in the world and not the gods. I watched Josephus closely during this revelation but the priest of Davim remained largely silent except for a few technical questions. Marmos suggested that the energy of the power drove the nature of the surface world with the great ancient capitals built above them and the stone circles of the imperial age built to tap into their energy.

I can see that Shinamar hopes to gain our alliance but towards what end is still an enigma to me. Marmos has said nothing about the Girl in Glass and I’m not sure how she fits into this recent experience.

I suppose there is nothing to do but continue to follow the lead of Marmos and see where it takes us. I cannot help but wonder what is going on in Tanelorn and where Jerichi and his friends are now residing.


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