Session 61 – Das’von

Point of View (Rhia Buffalorider)


I hate it down here. First there’s the miserable light from the glow stones that isn’t doing my complexion any good, then there’s the lack of anything to eat except foul mushrooms, and finally the relentless cheerfulness of Misrael. I’m now convinced the boy would note with wide eyed wonder the amazing width of a lion’s mouth even as it was devouring his arm. If he doesn’t shut up soon I’m going to smash his face.

Meanwhile, Marmos continues to guide us through the darkling land but remains uninformative about our ultimate destination. At least the incredible dullness of life underground was dispelled for a few moments when a group of golems and elementals tried to kill us.

We managed to defeat them without too much trouble which, of course, Misrael found encouraging. Horace has become a real dervish with his Come and Get it style attacks and little Rambledon has acquired real skill with his blades. We do make a tough team.

Marmos finally took us to the last site, a big hunk of rock. Yawn. He babbled something about vessel from the stars, elementals, source of all life, but I wasn’t paying much attention. I doubt it can be important.

Perhaps it’s the never ending rocks that seems to press down upon my soul but I find myself more and more in agreement with Azraim and his universal pessimism.

The Stairwell

After looking at the iron rock for a bit, Marmos led us to a large stone staircase that reportedly led to the surface. It was an amazing work and Josephus seemed quite impressed. Marmos warned us that the stairwell is traveled by many creatures and that this is known to ambushers so we must watch carefully as we go up. He, as usual, refused to tell us our final destination.

After a few hours of travel we ran into some ambushers and killed them without too much difficulty. They were darkling creatures of some sort but at this point I really just don’t care.

Past the ambush we found a caved-in section of the stairwell and had to go around. Josephus proved invaluable with his knowledge as we dodged darklings and took side passages. We got a bit lost at one point but eventually we managed to find the stairwell again and the priest of Davim seems certain it is past the cave-in. How he can determine elevation or direction underground is beyond my comprehension but he has led us truly so far.

The Ancient City

After endless weeks in the dark and days on the stairwell we finally came to the surface where the bright sunshine proved blinding. Which was unfortunate because of a group of scavengers ambushed us as soon as we popped our heads out.

It was a difficult fight, primarily because the sunlight hurt our vision and made it difficult to strike our foes. They also had the advantage of height as we came up from below and used it to good effect. Eventually we killed them but not before one of their number used mind control magic to make me attack Josephus. I suspect I was in a weakened state because of all the time under the earth.

After we killed them we took their stuff and found a nice pair of boots for Josephus although he didn’t seem particularly happy to get them. The priest of Davim seems a bit quiet these days although with all this talk of there being no gods one can understand it.

At the surface a huge set of mountains loomed in one direction and the astounding size of the city we found ourselves in, and its ruined condition, led Misrael to suspect that we were in fabled Das’von. The destruction to the city seems to have included virtually every standing structure and must have been horrific. We found no sign of living creatures although we did run into a fearsome group of undead.

One of the foul beasts actually inhabited my body and began to eat at me from the inside while still blasting away at the others. It was truly horrific and I think that would have been the end of me if Josephus hadn’t somehow forced the thing from me. Even then it was a terrible battle as Rambledon went down twice and everyone else was on the brink of death.

In the end we proved the better group but I have decided that I do not like it here in the King of Cities. Misrael tells me Tanelorn is thousands of miles away and that we may never return to the gray city. I find my spirits low.

We holed up in one of the few houses that retained some of its structure and managed to avoid the undead beasts that roam the streets but it was a general conclusion that we try to get out of the city as quickly as possible come morning.


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