Session 63: Return Home

Point of View (Josephus Sunspite)


Blessed be Davim. May his Holy Light shine down upon us in this terrible place. The ancient city of Das’von is a cesspool of death and evil. The faster we leave this place the better off we will be.

The information we found in the so called Throne Room will be useful in tracking down Demogorgon and sealing him back into his prison once and for all. This knowledge might prove useful in other ways as well.

Seamus led us through the city towards a portal where he promised to send the group back to Tanelorn. The journey through the tangled ruins proved perilous as we ran into another group of scavengers in the city although we dispatched them after a short battle.

Another few hours of travel brought us to the portal but a group of loathsome undead monstrosities blocked our passage. We battled the creatures to a standstill and at the last moment, thanks to the blessings of Davim, managed to win out in the end.

After this second battle, Seamus performed a magical incantation and we found ourselves transported to a small cave.

Return to Tanelorn

I cannot say that I’m disappointed to be away from Das’von. The dead city has nothing to offer and the sooner is wiped from the face of the world, the better.

The cave turned out to be in the Blue Hills that overlook Tanelorn from the north so at least Seamus was true to his word. We headed into the city and found our home intact and comfortable. We spent the night there and the next day headed into the city to learn what has transpired since we left.

Many of the young men who poured into Tanelorn over the last few months seem to have dispersed in their efforts to find the girl in glass leaving behind a more placid place. Eventually we go around to seeing the Captain of the City Guard.

We told the captain about the Demogorgon and how the Sea King’s took the Broken Throne and he thanked us for our information. He promised to report it to the Gray Lord and asked us to be ready to take on further missions.

We then rested up for several weeks awaiting news. Eventually the little goblin Offo contacted us via a Note. He is apparently in southern Tanelorn and wants us to come help him with a problem. After a month of inactivity we were all ready to head back out on the road and hopefully, put an end to the troubles that plague Tanelorn once and for all.


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