Session 66: The Fire Wood

Point of View (Horus Calmuck)

Heading South

Our journey south seems as perilous now as at any other time and I suspect the supposed peace of Tanelorn is merely the calm before the storm. The imminent release of Demogorgon and the looming problem of the The Girl in Glass hang like the Sword of Morgoth over the realm. There will be blood shed before the situation is resolved.

Despite the optimism of young Misrael, I suspect that nothing good can come from the First General. He seems to be consolidating his power and it is only a matter of time until his true plan becomes apparent. I am also deeply concerned about the strong resurgence of Demogorgon worship among the Gnolls of Grelm. If I were to hazard a guess, I’d say that the worship of the demon is rising all over the world and we can expect new arrivals in Tanelorn hoping to free the beast.

None of this bodes well for the length of my life but I should not complain, I chose the way of the warrior willingly enough and I march to whatever fate awaits me with equanimity. I was pleased to see the recovery Raina made after we rescued her from imprisonment. I suspected that she might simply find another brute to love, as women often fall prey to the same trap repeatedly. Perhaps, if the world does not disintegrate into bloody warfare there might be a future there for me. Still, best not to waste time with idol dreams. Cold iron is in my immediate future and I must resign myself to that fact.

As we approached the town of Grabzag a group of demon worshipping Gnolls attacked us.

It proved a difficult fight but we managed to dispatch the Demogorgon worshippers. I suspect this is only the latest in a long line of such encounters we shall meet.

In town we spoke with a number of people to try and find the location of Offo the goblin. It took a day of investigation but eventually we determined about where in the Fire Wood we might find him.

We headed out in the morning and Josephus took the lead with his nature skills. His abilities never fail to astonish me as he most certainly grew up in the caves and tunnels of his kind. Still, he seems to know his business.

After a day of travel we camped in the woods without incident. The wood is pleasant enough although we heard story of fire creatures that plague the place and give it its name. We encountered a group of them on the second day and found ourselves embroiled in a brutal battle.

In the end we proved victorious but it was a narrow thing. Both of our healers went down in the battle and it fell upon Rhia to apply her healing touch to Misrael who in turn raised Josephus. I feared the little Tiefling dead but he managed to shake off the effects of the wounds with an old campaigners spirit.

Shortly after the battle we found Offo and he told us that there was an ancient prison from the Old Empire not far away. He explained that a group of Dire Bears guarded the old cave and that was why he sent for us. The creatures are smarter than he expected and refused to leave the cave. He thinks that perhaps a lycanthropic leader keeps them in line.

We approached the cave and attacked. The bears proved a fearsome foe but we managed to survive the battle without serious injury.

We then entered the caves and found the place a maze of obstacles apparently put up by the bears. The creatures used cover and ambush to their advantage and, once again, we found ourselves stretched to the limit in combat. Somehow we managed to survive once again. Perhaps all that devotion that Josephus gives to Davim is paying off. If one chooses to believe in the gods at all, that is.

The cave appears to be normal enough but perhaps there is some hidden prison we cannot see. We decided to rest for a bit and we’ll tackle the problem in the morning.


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