The Realm of Fire

Point of View (Rhia Buffalorider)

The Cave

After the tough fights we rested for the night because everyone was pretty beat up. Josephus took care of everyone’s wounds and we felt a lot better in the morning.

Rambledon led us on a search of the cave and we eventually found what he claimed were hidden doors. It didn’t look like much to me but the little hobbits is usually right about these things.

It took us quite a bit of searching to find the hidden doors and even then opening them was real hard. We tried a lot of different things but nothing worked and I figured the little hobbit was wrong. But, then someone triggered some sort of lever and another room opened up to us.

We went inside and found a water beast guarding a fire portal. That seemed pretty strange to me but I didn’t have time to think about it before we were involved in a knock-down fight.

Misrael teleported the creature off into the corner and it took me a while to get over and attack it. Later he said he wanted to get it out of the circle. Anyway, it was really tough and knocked almost everyone out of the fight at one point or another. Eventually we destroyed the beast thanks to the power of my sword although Horus helped a bit.

Then Offo and Azraim began to fiddle with the circle to figure it out. I guess they think it was a prison built by the Usurper and if we can understand out how it works maybe we can seal Demogorgon in forever. They spent a lot of time doing that and I was pretty bored.

Eventually they said they had learned as much as possible and Offo did one last thing.

The Realm of Fire

I’m not sure what Offo did but it sent us to the Realm of Fire where a bunch of Fire Elementals immediately attacked us. I love to kill elementals and it was a great battle.

After we killed the creatures we sat down and tried to figure out a way to get back home. We are in a real mess.

Josephus thinks that Offo sent us here on purpose although I don’t think that’s true. The little goblin has been nothing but helpful in the past but this Girl in Glass business has had a way of making men behave strangely. There could be something to the Priest of Davim’s thinking.

We eventually decided to head out into the fire plains and see if we can find a portal to return us to Tanelorn. The other idea was to wait and see if Offo could find and return us. I like the go out plan better because maybe we’ll get to kill more fire elementals.


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