The Court of Eleniak

Point of View (Rambleton Hilltopple)

The Fire Plains

After walking around here in the fire plains for a few days I think that anyone who sets up a series cooling stations could make a lot of money. I know that the fire creatures that largely inhabit this region don’t need it but there has to be a steady stream of visitors like us.

The more dangerous this adventuring gets the more my mind turns to the safety of the mercantile world. Yes, it’s a bit boring compared to the adventures I’ve had over the last three years but the chances of getting permanently maimed or killed are not nearly as high.

I can’t imagine how we are going to get out of this place alive but we’ve had good fortune in the past and perhaps we will be lucky again. Misrael is as cheerful as always so perhaps things will work out for the best.

Josephus seems convinced that Offo sent us here intentionally as part of some great scheme and I can’t say the priest of Davim’s logic is completely wrong. The little goblin is smart and daring and I wouldn’t put it past him to have some sort of stake of his own in this game.

As we wandered around a group of fire creatures came towards us and attacked.

It was a rough fight and I don’t think I’m going to get out of this place with any of my equipment intact. The beasts are liberal with their use of fire and I think everyone in the party was ablaze at one point or another. It’s a good think I always travel with my sewing and mending kit. I’ll certainly be busy for as long as we stay in this realm.

As we slowly whittled away at our foes the last survivor suddenly surrendered and offered to take us to his leader, Eleniak the Golden Flame. She is apparently in need of adventurer types for her various plans.

There was some reluctance in the group to go with the fire creature but in the end we all agreed it was likely the best way to get us out of this realm alive.

Along the road we questioned the fire beast who claimed that Eleniak recently came into power in the realm when the previous leader, Arioch of the Seven Swords, was killed. The creature did not know the circumstances of Arioch’s death but the battle at Tanelorn City months ago might be the answer.

While we roamed the streets trying to kill the various Gnoll summoned demons we heard that Arioch attacked and tried to kill the Gray Lord. The story went that Jon Gray intervened and took on the Demon Lord in single combat. The Gray Lord returned wielding the Black Sword and saved his son although also forsook his oath of neutrality. It is possible the Gray Lord killed Arioch at that time. It is certain that the Demon Lord is no longer in command in the region and that would seem to be a good thing although we know little of this Eleniak.

The Court

After a day of travel we arrived at a large mountain and our guide took us inside and led us to a platform that overlooked the fire plains below. There were any number of fire creatures meandering about at what appeared to be a social event. Eleniak herself was easily spotted as she wore a dress that burned at the fringes and was quite a fetching woman.

I spoke with a pretty, young girl who turned out to be a hand-maid for Eleniak. Mella seemed to think that we should curry favor with the Golden Flame because she would soon rule the world. I’m not sure I like the sound of that.

Misrael went and talked to the woman herself and then gathered us all up for introductions. She made plain her desires for us. She wants us to seek out and destroy the Girl in Glass. If we agree she will send us through one of her portals to a region where we can find out more information to his end.

Later Rhia spoke with a powerful warrior type who was apparently the captain of the old regime under Arioch. He made us exactly the opposite proposition. If we agree to free the Girl in Glass he will help us.

I also spoke briefly with a terrible beast that always stands by Lady Eleniak and the thing frightened me greatly. I’m not sure what sort of creature it is but if we betray the Golden Flame then I suspect we will meet it again and under far less pleasant circumstances.

That night we gathered to discuss the various plans and decided to take up the warrior’s side in the intrigue. I would have preferred to simply sneak out of the fire realm without committing to one side or the other but that did not seem like a possible solution.

We told the captain we would do as he asked and he gave us a talisman to use to pass through a fire portal. He warned us that Eleniak’s guards would try to prevent us and we might have to fight our way through.

The Plains Again

We followed his directions and found the gate easily enough. There was a group of guardians but we were able to move in close to them and attack by surprise. It was a fairly short battle although one of the beasts set me ablaze and in my haste to move to better positions during the fight I couldn’t manage to put myself out. It was only when we finally vanquished our foes that I was able to extinguish the fire.

A New Place

Azraim managed to activate the Talisman and we jumped through the portal although I can only hope for the best as to where we are going.


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