Session 69 – Frogs

Point of View (Misrael al Halladun)

Getting the Key

I never knew caving could be so much fun. My memories of the mining tunnels back when I was a slave are pretty horrible but with Josephus around to explain every mineral and rock formation I now have a great love of the underground. It’s amazing how many neat things there are to learn in the world.

I know some of the others don’t like being below the earth so much, and I do miss the sunshine, but with so many new things to learn everywhere I go, I’ll never be bored again!

Eventually we had to decide if we wanted to tell the darkling priest we were going to try and release Demogorgon or not. If we tell him that, then he will give us an ancient Demon Key that might be helpful in either releasing or permanently entombing the demon.

Josephus was all for lying to him because he is a blasphemer or something and Rhia and Rambledon didn’t have a problem either. It turned out to be a delicate situation as he was suspicious of our motives but eventually we managed to convince him that we will release Demogorgon although are intentions are exactly the opposite.

I was a little uneasy about lying but there wasn’t really much else to do. I’m sure it will all work out for the best!

After that he showed us a hidden passageway heading up and bid us farewell.

Caves of the Boggards

We traveled through the caverns for a long time and slept twice although it’s not easy to keep track of time underground. There are plentiful strange plants and little fishy and crab creatures in the many streams so we got a chance to expand our diets which is always fun. There was lots of good stuff and I can’t see why everyone else complains just because every once in a while a fish tastes a bit sour. It’s all part of the learning process!

We eventually came up into a beautiful cavern filled with mushrooms that were colored like the shades of a rainbow. It was so lovely I just stood there for a moment admiring it.

Sadly, in my stupor I didn’t notice the giant, blood-sucking plant beast that immediately tried to eat me. I suppose it was only doing what comes naturally and I can’t blame it. Luckily Josephus and the rest of the group was ready for the fight and we killed both the plant and some large, fire-breathing beetles that were grazing on the mushrooms.

I got set on fire by one of the beetles early in the fight and, despite my best effort; I didn’t manage to put out the blaze until after we finally killed them all. In the end it worked out because I was getting a little chilly anyway and my clothes were rather damp and musty from the cave anyway! Hooray!

After that we began to explore the large cave complex. It looked mostly like natural caverns but there was some stone masonry and the floors looked smooth. Josephus is an expert on all that stuff and he thought there were definitely some creatures down here.

We came across a massive statue of a fishy creature that looked badly aged. Rambledon searched around it a bit but couldn’t find anything so on we went.

We found a room with pools which were filled with little froggy creatures and then another bath house room with hot and cold running water! I wanted to stay and take a bath but everyone else was afraid the inhabitants of the place would find and kill us. They’re such party poops!

Although, with Rambledon up ahead scouting their fears proved correct as we came across a group of froggy creatures who immediately attacked us.

It was a tough fight but no beasts can ever defeat us! With Rhia’s flashing sword, Josephus’s words of healing, and Rambledon’s backstabby ways were are nigh on invincible! One of the froggy beasts jumped up in the air and squished poor Rhia but she recovered quickly and we won the fight.

After that we looted a bunch of gemstones and such and then continued our exploration. Hopefully we can find out way out of this place without having to kill more of the poor creatures who were just trying to defend their home.


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